David Wood


Clearings and Endings



"We seek refuge from the uneasy present, the uncertain future, in recalling the good old days, which take on a luster heightened by nostalgia. Memory highlights selected scenes, making them so real and vivid we can scarcely believe they do not actually survive."


David Lowenthal, 1979


Within the natural landscape, areas exist which entice us to explore further while others restrict our progression through unnavigable terrain. The work Clearings and Endings displays some of these natural obstacles and openings, which we find both pleasurable and challenging to overcome. The work deals with the concept of escapism from the everyday man-built environment through the exploration of a rural setting. The basis to the work examines the theories of the beautiful, sublime and picturesque towards two frequently revisited locations. The title and notion of the series refers to these natural occurrences and the position prior to three years of study in one environment and the feeling of departure afterwards.